When joining Airtasker in Sydney, I started off working within a unified design team and tackled a variety of projects that were sitting on both the product and brand side of things. With the team growing rapidly, I initiated and worked closely with the VP of Design on establishing design processes and creating a strong design culture that would be extremely valuable for the whole design team moving forward.

After a few months, we created the Brand Team, a team focusing purely on everything brand related: from icons, to illustrations through to landing pages, merchandising, photography, videography, ATL marketing, but also Product Marketing initiatives (for/with product teams) or internal initiatives (supporting the People Operations team etc). During my time in the Sydney office, I led all aspects of design for the Brand Team, working closely with extremely talented folks (designers, illustrator and copywriters) on pushing the boundaries and the quality of design for the company whilst helping them grow on a professional and personal level as much as possible. I also initiated and worked on what eventually became our Design Language (the web version), re-designed the Blog and the Homepage, created a brand new set of ~50 icons (for use in the product), created/designed a flexible extension of our branding for what is now known as the Airtasker Community Summit (+ all collateral) and everything in-between.

Community Summit

The 'Airtasker Community Summit' is an annual event where people from our team spend time with some of the best Taskers there are on the platform. They come from all around Australia and all have very different skillsets. This event is an opportunity for us to educate them even more about the product and best practices. It's also where we share the company's forthcoming plans or let them share their story with the rest of the community. For the first of these events, I was tasked with developing an extension of our brand, which would slightly differ yet feel part of the same family. I also helped shape the direction of these events along with designing a variety of collateral; ranging from animated screens, speaker presentations, tote bags, t-shirts, awards (to celebrate the very best Taskers) down to food menus, lanyards and helping set the mood for the venue itself.

Blog Redesign

This is first web design project that I undertook in my time at Airtasker. Our former blog, being 4 years old, needed a much awaited redesign. The blog, is the place where we host all of our inspiring content for Posters and Taskers alike. Through a variery of articles, we provide tips for things you can do around the house or highlight the story of ours users. It's also where we make all company announcements. When redesigning it, I made sure to let the content be king by using a very minimalistic approach to its design—using colour sparingly and allowing for enough white space around the different articles and types of content, all of which makes for a website that is pleasant to navigate.

UK Landing Page

Prior to launching in London, we wanted to put a holding page up to start educating our upcoming market around what is it we do. I took the opportunity to turn it into a page where we could let people show their interested by pre-registering whilst showcasing case studies, highlighting the story of 4 of our Australian Taskers and how they use the platform.

Other projects

Below are 49 icons I designed that are part of a set we use in our Design Language. They're used extensively throughout the website and both apps. I used an grid to make sure they are all balanced and look of similar visual weight. Another important thing that I had to consider is that they could be used at either 24 or 12 pixel sizes. This meant no fuss from the start, which led me to use a mix of simple shapes to try and draw the simple concepts theyr were to each represent.

The 'Tasker Portraits/Stories' is a project I work on in collaboration with the most excellent Cesare De Giglio (photographer). It's an ongoing series where we hear about the people who use the platform regularly. We try to capture what they do best whilst telling their unique stories in a visual manner.

Campaign Monitor

There is so much you can do when working on the marketing team of a big company like Campaign Monitor. I've spent the last two years taking every new project as an opportunity to help the company grow and push the boundaries in the email marketing space.

A big part of my job is to help market the product our engineers build. To do this well, I need to consistently find better ways to talk about our product and help our existing and potential customers understand how to leverage it in the best of ways. My work really consists of facilitating our customers find the information they need in order to be succesful in their job.

Homepage redesign (2014)

The first project I have worked on after joining the Campaign Monitor team was to overhaul the homepage which was to target a different market than we usually used to address our messaging to. This time, we were talking to the direct marketer and needed to showcase how powerful our recently launched drag & drop email builder was going to be for them. We launched in a matter of days and have seen a decent increase in click-throughs and signups. We decided to keep this as our primary homepage thereafter.

Top 100 email campaigns of 2014 - Microsite

The goal of this campaign was to highlight our customers' work, staying in the shadow whilst we were celebrating them. To do so, I designed a microsite where the top 100 email campaigns were distributed in 5 categories (best design, top performers, etc). It was inspired by awards ceremonies where the best of the best receives an honour for outstanding contribution in a specific category.

The result is a campaign that received a tremendous amount of love from both the design and email marketing communities. A proof of that was the ~80.000 unique visits we saw the day after we launched, helping break a 10-years long record at Campaign Monitor as it was the day with most visits on our website ever - and still is.

Giving Back - Logo & collateral

The Giving Back program is an initiative where we give back to the community by organising events - and dedicate a bit of our time - to help people that need it most. We pour our hearts into helping as much as we can. The heart symbol was a no-brainer. Everyone at Campaign Monitor loved what I came up with and we've started to roll it out on everything that relates to the program. It's used on a t-shirt that every staff member wears when participating in one of the many events we host under the program.

Various illustrations & icons

This is a selection of some of the icons and illustrations I have created while at Campaign Monitor. Some have been used internally and others are customer facing as they've been used on various landing pages we have done over the months or even in some of our monthly newsletters.

iPad "Book a meeting" theme

We have over 200 employees and only a few meeting rooms. Being able to book a meeting or check the availability of one of the rooms has become increasingly more important. In order to fix this, we installed iPad minis in front of each of the rooms with an app that connects to our respecive calendars. I helped improve everyone's life by designing a custom theme that we're using on the app which is inline with our brand guidelines and culture.

Luxe Clinic

If you ever put your eyes on a medical practice's website or brand, you might have noticed it's usually bland, relies pretty heavily on impersonal stock photography and that the pastel colour palettes look like they all originate from the same brand book.

When I started to work on this project, the aforementioned observations have acted as "things I want to avoid" from very early on. One of the main reasons for that was that the client wanted to standout from the competition while giving its business a personality that highlights the professionalism and quality of service they deliver to each and every one of their customers.

Logotype & monogram

In the earlier stages of exploration for the logotype and its monogram, I got inspired by one the main components of a plastic surgery business: the skin. The patterns you see in human skin but also in animals are quite mesmerising and I started to play around with symmetric shapes as well as the idea of maybe having a logo that would look different every time - while using a set of base shapes, to remind of the skin's ability to regenerate when damaged.

Typography & colours

The primary typeface is Georgia, which has the right mix of elegance and attitude, and renders fairly well on pretty much any browser due to its large adoption in past decades. When came time to select the colour palette, my first move was to go at the exact opposite of the spectrum that the competition uses and I started to work with really bright tones. After trying to make it work for some time, it still didn't feel quite right for what we wanted to achieve: luxury and elegance. I then opted to start using a mix of charcoal-inspired dark blue along with gold and white.

Business cards

The business cards was the first time that I was able to apply the brand styles we had previously selected and it was great fun. I tried to play with the idea of "cuts" in the layout, subtle reminder of what the core of the business is all about. It was also the first time I introduced the idea of using the monogram as a pattern in the background. We have used a gold foil on the front face of the card in order to make the logotype as much the hero as possible.


The website is the most important element for Luxe Clinic's business as it is the one place where potential customers will land. When looking for plastic surgery services, the first thing you do is you search online and compare a few services. This is primarily why we wanted to stand out by doing something that was unusual in the space: using the darkest colours of the brand in addition to a custom treatment to photography. I also designed a custom set of icons that we will use on the website.

Pretty Harbor

There are a few different ways you can approach the creation of a jewellery brand and Pretty Harbor knows this very well. This is why they went down the path of giving birth to a style that puts the customer at the centre of everything they create.

Wellbeing and nature are at the centre of how the materials and semi-precious gems are sourced. Every piece of jewellery they create has been carefully designed in a way that puts the emphasis on the equilibrium of the people wearing their creations. When it came to designing Pretty Harbor's branding system, it was important to use visual elements which wouldn't get in the way of letting the pieces be the hero - wherever they'd be used.

Brand elements

It's still very early days in using the brand's styles but you can see that a lot of effort was made into keep things simple to make the creations the hero. The simplicity of the monogram as well as the use of a serif (Lora) as the primary typeface is a serious step in the right direction and we're looking forward to how we will be able to apply them to further applications.


One of the most important element of the brand was to look at how the use of photography was going to showcase the quality of the pieces. We took the decision to photograph the pieces in suspension to give them more of a natural feel, almost like they were being worn. There are so many little details in the creations that it was really important to get the ligthing right, so the user would be able to see them too.

Duo App

We live in an era where data is shared all around us at a pace that can quickly become overwhelming. This leaves us with choices to make over what we want to remember and what we don't.

I find peace when I can select the data I want to keep and carefully save it in places where I can access it easily. Having a personal appreciation for fashion, I often found myself struggling at remembering the clothes I own in this sea of information and this where the idea for this fashion app came from. I wanted to be able to quickly access that specific information while shopping in order to be able and analyse if this new-found white t-shirt was going to match with anything I already possess.

I pushed the matching functionality a step further by being able to take a photo, from which primary colours would be extracted, and launch a research to find clothes in my closet that would perfectly match with it. The ability to add/save sizes for specific brands is also a time saver piece of information which is directly accessible when looking at the details for any saved piece. My look will forever be thankful for this litle priceless app.

Logotype & iconography

The goal was to create a logotype and icons that were going to have a bold yet playful lookg & feel. The interesting part in designing them was to be able and give them the same weight, no matter what their size or where they would be used in the app, and on the website at a later time.

Typography & colours

Given I wanted to use a mix of boldness and playfulness, I decided to choose colours that were going to emphasise these choices even more. The near-black coupled to a lighter shade of itself and a very bright yellow does just the right job. In order to balance things out - from a visual standpoint - I decided to go with a pretty square-looking sans-serif, which would contrast really well with the roundness of the logotype and icons.

App design

Here's what the app will/could look like once I have finished developing it for Iphone. It's aim is to be simple to use, let people find their information easily but most importantly let them perform the task they came to do when they opened the app: find a match to something they already possess. More to come soon on this front - once the app goes live.


Here's a collection of the work I have done prior to joining Campaign Monitor - mostly during my time at digital agency Pollen - but also some personal projects/experimentations.

Red Cross - Target Nuclear Weapons

I was part of the team that launched the awarded Target Nuclear Weapons campaign for the Australian Red Cross. Apart from being quite a successful campaign, it also helped get majority of countries around the world to ban the use of nuclear weapons at a summit in Geneva.

Clemenger Group

We've been approached by Clemenger BBDO Sydney to redesign the Clemenger Group website. It's a fully responsive website along with a CMS system in order for their team to be able to manage the content. I was in charge of the whole design work on the redesign for Clemenger Group’s website. The task was to take concept art direction and apply it to the entire website. Another big task was to push the concept further to fit a responsive framework that we carefully crafted with a fellow front-end developer at Pollen.

Accolade Wines

We (at Pollen) got asked by Accolade Wines to come up with an idea to promote Ta_ku Wines. Pollen decided to create an app that would help people match wine & food by providing suggestions based on the type of meal or wine. I was asked to design raw concept screens as part of our pitch to Accolade Wines. We would eventually be provided with the opportunity to create the app later the same year.


In my time at Pollen, I got to work on a wide variety of projects for Gumtree. We've redesigned their entire website to be fully responsive, designed the mobile apps (iPhone and Android) and I got to create a animated concept for their iPad app which we later designed and developed. Attached is a quick look at their iPhone app for which I designed a library of custom elements we could use across the board. It was early days of iOS 7 and it was inspired to come close so the user would be familiar with how to use it instantly.


Peaks is a personal project that I worked on until 2014. I started to consider this project after realising that there is too much data out there and that we have way too many accounts to check or manage everyday. I then asked myself: "What about the possibility for people to have their life managed in one single place?". And that's how it all started but then came the realisation that this project was a mammoth and I couldn't do it myself. I haven't found anyone to join me and build it at the time - time was another big constraint for me.

Personal experimentations

I love to experiment. It's something i've always needed whether it was to get out of my comfort zone or to practice recently acquired skills. It helps me try out new things in different styles without particularly having a goal in mind. I used to experiment a lot a few years back and while I haven't been able to do much in recent months with the time and care my son is requiring, I recently started to do it again.

Damien Terwagne


Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I'm Damien, Creative Director/Co-Founder at Nonzero. I believe great design is only achieved by considering the humans at the receiving end and how their lives will be impacted by it. I am genuinely interested by—and involved in—anything to do with education, inclusivity, mentorship and mental health amongst other things.



Here's a summary of the work I have been doing at Airtasker during the past two years. From redesigning the homepage to landing pages through to doing illustrations and icons.

Campaign Monitor

Here's a summary of the work I have been doing at Campaign Monitor during the past two years. From redesigning the homepage to landing pages through to doing illustrations and icons.

Luxe Clinic

One of the most exciting projects I have worked on to date has been to look at the entire branding for Luxe Clinic, a plastic & cosmetic surgery clinic opening soon in Sydney.

Pretty Harbor

Pretty Harbor is a jewellery brand like no other that aims to do things differently in the space by creating well-crafted goods that improve on their customers' wellbeing at the same time.

Fashion App

We live in an era where data is shared all around us at a pace that can quickly become overwhelming. This leaves us with choices to make over what we want to remember and what we don't.

Archives (2011-14)

A little collection of the work I have done prior to joining Campaign Monitor - mostly during my time at digital agency Pollen - but also some personal projects/experimentations.

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